About the Speakers


Amber Farley

Educator, Consultant, and Thought Leader

Partner & EVP of Brand Development, FMS

10 Myths Debunked: How to Inspire, Empower and Get Things Done

Increasingly, women are filling—and excelling at—leadership roles in the banking industry, contributing unique perspectives and leadership styles, as well as positively influencing the industry and the communities they serve. Amber Farley, a partner and EVP of Brand Development at FMS, gives an insightful presentation on women in leadership, addressing topics such as what leadership looks likes today, how to strengthen leadership skills, some of the barriers to female leadership she’s overcome, the differences between her style of leadership to that of other male leaders at FMS, and ways to empower and inspire your team. Amber’s observations are gleaned from many years of being a consultant, speaker and teacher in the banking industry, working alongside other strong bank leaders across the country.


About Amber

Amber Farley, Partner & EVP of Brand Development at FMS, is a well-known and respected teacher, presenter, consultant and thought leader on bank branding, marketing, leadership, and digital marketing strategies for banks around the country. She strategizes ways to help banks be purpose-driven, inspirational and more relevant to today’s customer—including both internal and external customers, and regularly presents and teaches at national banking schools, banking conferences, and other statewide banking institutions.


Michelle Saunders

Senior Director of Talent, Culture and DE&I; Brooks Automation

The Guiding Force of Self Awareness

An Interactive workshop on embracing self awareness to enhance your leadership. Using the DISC type personality assessment, discover what may help or hinder you in your ability to enhance your understand of yourself and the strengths of others.


About Michelle


Ilhiana Rojas

Coach, Bestselling Author, International Motivational Speaker
Owner, BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting

Cultivate Your Legacy Story

Cultivating a legacy isn’t just about leaving a mark on the world; it’s about rising above challenges, breaking barriers, and making a meaningful impact that resonates for generations to come. Through this empowering keynote, attendees will learn how to elevate their legacy story by embracing their unique journey, values, and aspirations. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or entrepreneur or navigating your career path, this session will empower you to leverage your experiences and expertise to elevate your impact and leave a lasting legacy.


Key Highlights:

  • Reconnect with Your Purpose and Passions: Elevate your legacy by reconnecting with what truly matters to you.
  • Surround Yourself with Encouraging Individuals: Elevate your legacy by surrounding yourself with a supportive network of individuals who uplift and inspire you.
  • Collaborate and Share Your Story: Elevate your legacy by collaborating with others and sharing your unique story with the world.


About Ilhiana

Ilhiana is an award-winning Executive & Leadership Coach, a DEI Consultant, a Women and Hispanic advocate, a Bestselling Author, and an international motivational speaker. Ilhiana has over 20yrs of global executive experience in top Fortune 500 companies in Mexico and US headquarters, leading and coaching professionals and businesses to success. As a successful serial entrepreneur, founder of BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting and UNITED LATINAS, Ilhiana is a certified expert in leadership and DEI best practices that help build resilient, collaborative, and high-performing leaders and cultures. Ilhiana has coached leaders of all levels and has delivered impactful coaching programs to thousands of professionals across multiple industries and sectors. She has also been the driving force in the launch of four women’s leadership development programs in Europe, LAM, and US. Ilhiana has been recognized by the NY Journal as a 2021 top 10 Inspiring Women to Watch, by ALPFA as a 2021 Latina to Watch, and obtained a 2022 Women in Business Stevie Gold Award, a 2023 P&G Alumni DEI Award and a 2023 Top Women Coaches Award by WomELLE. In addition to coaching, Ilhiana serves on different Boards and organizations supporting initiatives that center on the empowerment of women and Hispanic Populations.  Ilhiana graduated with honors as a Chemical Engineer in Mexico City and lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two kids.