The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create equitable economic development across the Merrimack Valley region and the state of MA. The Chamber does this through business advocacy, small business support, marketing the city and region, partnering with institutes of higher education, and convening different parts of the economic ecosystem to build a sustainable and forward moving economy.

The City of Haverhill has deep industrial roots, alluring outdoor spaces, a beautiful riverfront and historic downtown, thriving manufacturing hubs, and is situated at the center of well-traveled commuter routes. It is a place where you can start your business, receive the supports needed to grow, and feel invested in the larger community!

The Greater Haverhill Chamber is making necessary changes to the regions model for success. We believe investment and collaboration are a key to our region’s economic success. The Chamber’s programs, events, and services are focused on driving value for members and inspiring forward-thinking in our region. By working collectively, we can develop new and better ways to grow our city and region, contribute to our business and economic success, and enhance the lives of our community.