Greater Haverhill Chamber Releases Video Showcasing Haverhill Public Schools

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Haverhill, MA- The Greater Haverhill Chamber has launched an initiative to showcase the important links between the local business community and the Haverhill Public Schools.  In particular, as part of its Arts and Education Foundation, the Chamber has produced a video highlighting the positive changes that are taking place within the Haverhill Public Schools under the leadership of Superintendent Margaret Marotta. “The work of city growth is collaborative and I’ve found a partner in Superintendent Marotta.  Her vision for an inclusive school community is very much in line with how the Chamber sees its role in the city.  Our school’s commitment to bringing meaningful change is vitally important to our economy.  High performing schools are the greatest magnet for attracting new families to this area.  If we can do that, businesses and jobs will follow.“ said Dougan Sherwood, President and CEO of the Greater Haverhill Chamber.  “And if we really do this right, we’ll be supporting the bridgework from the public schools to our colleges in town, namely Northern Essex and UMass Lowell.  It’s no coincidence that the Chamber is led by Board Chair Lane Glenn, President of NECC and includes Board of Director Tom O’Donnell, Sr. Director, Innovation Initiatives, at UMass Lowell.  Education is key to everything we’re working to do.” Investments in new initiatives are already making a difference.  The Chamber’s video highlights a handful of new programs including: free breakfast and lunch for kids who lack basic sustenance, as well as Backpack 68, which provides kids food for over the weekend (‘68’ refers to the number of hours between Friday school dismissal and the start of school on Monday morning).  Dr. Marotta has also removed sports fees for High School and Middle School. These themes are highlighted in the video which includes Sherwood, Haverhill School Superintendent Margaret Marotta, Haverhill School Committee Member Rich Rosa, and State Representative Andy Vargas. “We want to make sure Haverhill is an excellent place for all children to be educated.” Commented Dr. Marotta in the video. “We want to make sure all kids have access to the opportunities our school system has to offer.” “One of the best things about Haverhill Public Schools are our teachers,” said State Representative Andy Vargas. “We have some marvelous teachers that wake up everyday going the extra mile– staying after school, getting there earlier to ensure that every student is prepared to learn. Haverhill Public School students are being well-prepared to thrive in the America of today and tomorrow.”   There are many people in the community championing the work to make the schools stronger and are showing their support for the superintendent and her partnership with the community at-large. “Supporting children and families in Haverhill takes teamwork. When school leaders partner with health care providers and community agencies, we work together to help all kids be healthy and ready to learn and prepared to succeed. I see a lot of progress under Dr. Marotta and with continued support from the School Committee and others in the community, I hope we continue moving forward.” Commented John Maddox Pediatrician Pentucket Medical Haverhill and Haverhill Public Schools Physician. Paul Magliocchetti, member of the Haverhill School Committee, Chamber Board member, and President of the GHC Arts and Education Foundation says, “The arts community and educational opportunities in Haverhill are integral to the future prosperity of our City.  The GHC Arts and Education Foundation was established to promote the arts and education in Haverhill. Its purpose is being fulfilled with this promotion that highlights the great progress being made in the Haverhill Public Schools by Superintendent Margaret Marotta.” The video released during the Haverhill School Committee meeting on Thursday evening, October 24. This video is going to be used to showcase the great things happening in our school system through Facebook and other social media channels.

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