b'2021 GHCC Travel Resource Guide-Final.qxp_Layout 16/17/2110:23 AMPage 10 Wonders of The NatureHaverhill Cares for the EnvironmentT eagles, osprey, Great Blue Herons, and he environment and its natural resources are vitally crucial toCanada Geese. Hiking through the Haverhill and the surroundingwetlands, you will find a large array of region.The Haverhill Conservationwildlife: pheasants, otters, foxes, Commission was created in 1965 tobeavers, turtles, deer, and lots of frogs.protect its water and environmentalLearn more about nature and wildlife in resources. the region on MassAudubon.org. The wetlands in Haverhill are theOur water systems are part of a perfect breeding ground for variousdelicate ecosystem which provides a animals, birds, and aquatic life. Manyhome to wildlife, birds, and fish, that all birds migrate to Haverhill each year.can enjoy.As a city that heavily relied The area is a breeding ground for baldon the river system during the 10HaverhillChamber.com | Back to Nature'