b'2021 GHCC Travel Resource Guide-Final.qxp_Layout 16/17/2110:23 AMPage 4Haverhill was founded in 1640 byindustry became prominent and settlers from Newbury and wasdeveloped rapidly.It brought originally called Pentucket, the entrepreneurs, writers, weavers, Native American word for "place of printers, and new methods of the winding river." The Passaquo andmanufacturing to Haverhill. By theSaggahew were regional tribes whomid-1800s, the "Queen Slipper City" sold the land to the settlers for threebecame one of the largest shoe pounds ten shillings in 1642. Named formanufacturing cities in the country.one of the founding fathers hometownAt its peak, 200 factories were in England, Haverhill was found onlyproducing over one million pairs of twenty years after Plymouthshoes annually. Today Haverhill isPlantation had been founded. on the National Register of Historic Places and has some of the finest The Industrial Revolution examples of Queen Anne industrial Haverhill evolved into a center ofarchitecture in America. industrialization in less than two hundred years.The Merrimack RiverThe Fire of 1882 powered sawmills and gristmills.Take one look at the brick buildings in Industries such as woolen mills,downtown Haverhill and you can see tanneries, shipping, and shipbuildingthe effects of the fire of 1882. On became established. The shoe-makingFebruary 17, a fire ripped through the PPrreesseerrvviinnggHHiissttoorryyEmpowering the FuturePhoto: Merrimack Street, Downtown Haverhill 1940Pictures Now/Alamy'