b"2021 GHCC Travel Resource Guide-Final.qxp_Layout 16/17/2110:23 AMPage 5The houses owner, David Harmon worked in shoe manufacturing and had a love of farming. As an abolitionist, he worked with renowned men of his day, including John Greenleaf Whittier, Fredrick Douglas, and William Lloyd Garrison, to support the movement.Our Notable Contemporariesand Personalities Haverhill has been home to many people who made significant Photo: Haverhill from the Bridge Denis Tangey/istockphoto differences in everything from politics to music to the arts and beyond. Here is a shortlist of many: John Greenleaf Whittier, Quaker poet and abolitionist; Rowland Hussey Macy, founder of Macy's; William H. Moody, member of Secretary of the Navy, U.S. House of Representatives, Attorney General for President Theodore Roosevelt and U.S. Supreme Court Judge; Louis Burt Mayer, film producer and co-founder of MGM Studios; Mabel Ida Albertson, actress; Joseph Peter Breck, actor; Rob Zombie, musician, songwriter, and Photo: Downtown HaverhillAndy Vargas filmmaker; Bob Montana, creator of Archie Comics; Tom Bergeron, shoe district, destroying nearly tenAmerican television personality, game acres of the city and the entire shoeshow host, comedian and actor; and industry. Two firefighters lost theirCarlos Pea, Major League Baseball lives, and 300 businesses wereplayer and sports announcer. They all destroyed, causing millions in damages.hailed from Haverhill. As a result, Haverhill became integral to many firefighting protocols in placePreserving the Past,today. You can learn more about thisInventing a Renaissance and see the kinds of tools used at theHaverhill is growing and thriving. ItFirefighting Museum.is a city filled with pride, creating a new theme of innovation, community, The Underground Railroadand preservation. Explore our rich On Summer Street sits a house thathistory, and our flourishing business was a stop on an Underground Railroad.community.For more information,Local abolitionists used this route tovisit the Greater Haverhill Chamber help slaves reach Canada and freedom.website: HaverhillChamber.com. HaverhillChamber.com | Preserving History, Empowering the Future 5"