Gigantic Garage Sale at the Museum of Printing

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Haverhill, MA  – The Museum of Printing is holding its biggest ever garage sale on March 26th from 10 am to 4 pm. One of the museum’s missions is to support the craft of letterpress, and keep presses, type, and materials in circulation. Over the last few months the museum has received many generous donations from organizations and people who want to support the museum, and we have a lot of stuff to sell to printers and lovers of visual antiques. Here is just some of what will be in our garage sale:
• Type and Storage Cabinets: Doubles, singles, galley cabinets, furniture cabinets, loose type cases, reglet cabinets, and organizers of all descriptions – We have them in all grades and styles and are motivated to sell.
• Metal Type: Dozens of just-arrived cases of type, dozens of boxes of unopened foundry type, packages of used type, and bags of pied type you can sort while watching TV.
• Printing Presses: Three C&P 10″x15” presses that have been recently donated, we have table top presses and even a big Vandercook specially priced.
• Letterpress Devices: We have a fantastic perforating machine, paper drills, routers, and machines that we don’t even know what they are – Make us an offer!
• Graphics & Cuts: Boxes of cuts that have just come in, most are just $1!
• Dollar Books: We will be releasing all sorts of books for our famous $1 table – You have to be there in person to get the deals.
•  Letterpress Tools: Slug cutters, corner miterers, stitchers, staplers, composing sticks, quoins of all type, quoin keys, gauge pins, type planes, and galley locks.
• Cards & Envelopes: The Museum recently received several cartons of boxes of cards, invitations, and envelopes in various sizes from makers like Neenah and Crane. Come see!
• Spacing Materials: Furniture, reglets, and lots of letter spacing in unopened foundry packages.
• Vintage Ink: We’re practically giving it away! Tubes and one-pound cans for $3. Five-pound cans for $1. Take a five-gallon bucket and we’ll give you $5 in store credit!
• Vendors Tables: Check out what various letterpress enthusiasts have for sale! If you have surplus letterpress stuff it’s only $20 to rent a table at the Museum of Printing’s Garage Sale!
Come on down!
About the Museum of Printing
The Museum of Printing is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the graphic arts, printing and typesetting technology, and printing craftsmanship. In addition to many special collections and small exhibits, the Museum contains hundreds of antique printing, typesetting, and bindery
machines, as well as a library of books and printing-related documents. The Museum is located at 15 Thornton Avenue in Haverhill, Massachusetts. You can find us on the web at and follow our social media activity on Facebook (themuseumofprinting), Instagram (museumofprinting), and Twitter (@MOPrinting).
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