Schooley Mitchell just announced their newest service – Truck Load Optimization.

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Schooley-truckloadSchooley Mitchell recently announced their latest service helping businesses save money – truck load optimization. The pressure to maximize profits and minimize loss continues to grow. Schooley Mitchell works on the knowledge that time is in short supply, making it impossible to keep tabs on all areas of your business. For years they have been providing advice and analysis of telecommunications expenses; identifying billing errors, ongoing optimization of land-line, long distance & wireless services and merchant services analysis, to help customers save money. They will now apply that same expertise to shipping and hauling. If you run a fleet of vehicles, or rely on long-distance shipping you understand the costs behind under-capacity trucks, time consuming waits at weigh stations and hefty fines for exceeding the weight limits. Schooley Mitchell will now analyze shipping processes to identify underweight shipments to allow for improvements in maximizing profit per payload, plus make suggestions for remedying repeat overweight load fines, work to eliminate scale fees, and reduce man-hours going to scale when you could be making money with that time. For more information please contact Jim Hayes at 603-319-1930 or]]>

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