What to Eat and Drink During the Sons of Anarchy Series Finale

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CakesByErinIn honor of the Sons of Anarchy series finale on Tuesday (10 p.m ET on FX), People Magazine on line has put together a mini-menu of SOA-themed treats. One features cookies from chamber member Cakes by Erin! Here’s an excerpt from the article:

To pair with your whiskey, we suggest these incredibly detailed cookies from Massachusetts bakery Cakes by Erin. Diehard fans will be happy to know that these treats also have the SoA cast’s stamp of approval.

As owner Erin Erler tells PEOPLE, “This whole thing started as a joke last Christmas. We are all fans of the show and we had some left over gingerbread cookies from the holiday. Renee Terry [our manager] took a few of the cookies and decorated them to look like Jax, Chibbs, Tig, Bobby and Juice,” she said. They Tweeted them out to the cast and the rest is history.

“We were contacted [this past September] by the head makeup artist on Sons of Anarchy, Tracey Anderson, who ordered over three dozen to give to the cast.  She called us when she received them and told us how thrilled the guys were to have those cookies and how excited they got over them. Some even asked how they can preserve them to keep,” she says.


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