Magnus Carlberg Named Chief Strategy Officer at Kaplansky Insurance

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Needham, MA – With 37 acquisitions under their belt and more forthcoming, Kaplansky Insurance announces the hire of Magnus Carlberg as Chief Strategy Officer to manage their quest for purchasing independent agencies in Massachusetts and surrounding states.

This new position has become essential due to the increasing amount of acquisitions Kaplansky Insurance has completed this year and since opening in 1974. To achieve the goal of acquiring quality agencies looking for an exit strategy or expansion opportunity, Carlberg will manage the outreach to prospective sellers, engage in community networking, and lead Kaplansky’s purchase process.

Carlberg is no stranger to the world of insurance. He brings over 20 years of industry experience, most recently employed as the Director of Producer Licensing for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has a proven track record of success in strategic thinking, sales, stakeholder relationships, and business analysis. Along with his Business Administration and Management degrees, his expertise in these areas will allow him to thrive in this leadership-based role.

“I am thrilled to join a well-established agency that truly values their clients, employees, and community,” says Carlberg. “I look forward to contributing to their growth and introducing local agencies to a safe, supportive, and seamless perpetuation plan that is sensitive to the well-being of their staff and clients.”

Kaplansky Insurance has seen exponential growth from acquisitions, earning them the title as one of the largest independent locally owned agencies in the Northeast. The agency is anticipating this upward trend to continue, with more purchases in the works.

Ely Kaplansky, President of Kaplansky Insurance,  expresses his excitement for the new role stating, “Magnus has been a professional connection for many years, and I am confident in his ability to manage our acquisition process. He will be an indispensable part of the team, making the transition easier for everyone involved.”

About Kaplansky Insurance

Kaplansky Insurance is a rapidly growing locally owned business looking to acquire quality independent agencies in Massachusetts and surrounding states. We currently operate 16 locations in Massachusetts. Our “Five Star” and “Best Practices” awards are testimonials to the relationships that we enjoy with our clients, our employees, and insurance company partners. We are highly motivated, well-funded, and have sufficient resources for attractive acquisitions. We have the means and desire to offer you a substantial premium above what other agencies will offer. This is a tremendous opportunity for principals who are looking for either an exit strategy or an expansion opportunity. We have made numerous acquisitions and are extremely sensitive to any concerns you may have regarding the well-being of your clients and your staff. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your perpetuation plans.


If you are an agency owner looking to sell your agency or just thinking about your exit strategy down the road, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans.

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